Landscape Articles and Tips



Spring is right around the corner and it motivates many of us to get back outdoors and do some gardening.  What better way to spend a spring day than by installing some new colorful plants that will not only increase the enjoyment of your environment, but may help increase the value and curb appeal of your property! 

Many new and exciting plant cultivars are introduced each year and we recommend that you check with your local nursery to find the newest items available.  When the time comes to plant we’d like to offer a few tips that will help insure the health of your new plant material:

  • Check with your HOA to fill out any necessary design request forms
  • Choose a plant that will fit the site.  (Example – don’t plant trees that will get too large right beside the home).
  • If you are planting large trees call 811 to have the work site marked for potential utilities.
  • Dig the hole for the new planting at least twice as large as the rootball of the plant being installed.
  • If your new plant is rootbound, make several vertical cuts (not too deep) in the rootball.
  • Install the plant so that approximately 5-10% of the rootball is above the existing grade.
  • Place the native soil (which can be mixed with composted topsoil for additional nutrients) around the rootball, but not on top of it.
  • Water the plant in.  Water should be applied daily for the next month and 3-4 times per week for the following month.
  • A light layer of mulch (1-2”) can help retard weed growth and help the plant retain moisture.  Do not pack mulch against the stem of the plant.


LandCare is here to help.  If you have any questions about proper planting technique please don’t hesitate to contact us.