Landscape Articles and Tips for JULY

LandCare Irrigation Tip of the Month Exclusively for Westport HOA


Irrigation is an important part of landscaping in the SE region of North Carolina for Turf as well as plant material. Water only when no rain is forecast. Water 10 minutes for Spray heads and 15 minutes for Rotating heads. Each zone should be adjusted to reduce runoff to hard surface areas. We recommend 2 days per week when needed on centipede grass. As the summer gets into full swing then adjust for three days per week if needed along with multiple run times can be added to reduce runoff. In some areas of the community no or reduced amount of irrigation is needed due to wet soils.


Irrigate between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. for reduce evaporation and maximizing your water absorption. 

Information provided by

Chris Randall

Branch Manager Wilmington