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Tree Concerns/Thoughts for 2019


Tree Concerns/Thoughts for 2019


To all the neighbors we work with.

Florence was a terrible storm for trees in Southeast North Carolina. We have lost many specimens in our neighborhoods, streets and native forest. Nature has a way of using it powers occasionally and lets us know we do not control all landscaping and other things. With over 100 inches of rain this past year and high winds in several storms during the fall, our trees throughout are in rough shape.

Nature will repair tree roots and many trees will survive even though they do not look especially good at this point. The pines are very thin in many areas, while others are leaning and still have broken branches. Oaks have many branches hanging and damage from the storms. Many other trees are hanging on as well. Most trees in our area will heal through spring and summer this year. They will put out new roots and strengthen their structure as they put on new growth this season. Many trees that have a small lean will be fine while others may come down or must be taken down. 

Please keep in mind as you go for walks in neighborhoods, and especially in wooded areas of your community, to be aware of your surroundings.  A tree swaying to the left on one day may be leaning the opposite direction two days later and could potentially be a danger to passersby. We will continue to survey the communities and recommend removals where necessary. Every day, over the past couple months, I have seen another tree that wasn’t leaning initially but is now.

Please send these concerns to the appropriate person in your community.

Chris Randall 

Wilmington Branch Manager LandCare


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